5 Key Things to Consider Before Undertaking a School Canteen Project


School Canteens and Tuckshops – 5 Key Things you need to consider before undertaking a school canteen project to ensure you’re running an efficient kitchen.

It can be somewhat daunting to undertake the establishment of a school canteen or the refurbishment of the old School Tuckshop, but Ace Catering Equipment, via its FREE initial consultancy service, can help take the stress and worry away for you. Our experience and expertise are there to help see this process through to the end. 

Stainless Counters - 5 Key Things to Consider Before Undertaking a School Canteen Project

Assuming you have an approved site to work with, let’s consider five important things to consider when planning and designing the tuckshop/canteen, and these are:

  1. Design
  2. Development Process
  3. Appliances
  4. Systems
  5. Finance


You want to avoid unnecessary expenditure, so it is vital to know what you will be selling to whom, when and how much of it. Knowing this will dictate equipment needs and, consequently, how that will affect the workflow, your floor space and the layout/design of the kitchen. This will determine what specialised and general equipment you will need, with size and quality of the equipment influenced from the volumes you will be cooking and the frequency.

Go with function before form. Analyse the available space and use it efficiently, remembering staff numbers and workflows.

OH&S is a most important part of the design, which needs to eliminate danger zones and ensure the staff can work free from injury or physical stress. Adequate lighting forms a critical safety feature, so look for the lights with the right luminosity and colour, and place them strategically.

With society increasingly more conscious of the impact waste has on our environment, consider responsible design features that will save energy and help to manage waste.

Development Process:

Project managing from this stage is a challenge. Engaging the services of Ace Catering Equipment can be particularly helpful in negotiating the plethora of technical details and legal obligations.

The contract management process (leases, maintenance, construction, supply, etc.) is time-consuming process, but it is crucial to meeting targets and ensuring plans are converted to reality.

Choice of builder and project manager are critical as well. They will negotiate DA approvals, building activity, and local and government approvals. 


Appropriate choice of equipment will be key to the successful operation of the tuckshop. With literally hundreds of options in terms of equipment, brands and pricing, our professional services will help you to avoid the confusion that can reign as you compare brands, power consumption, power point placement, plumbing, and so on. ACE Catering Equipment can solve the procurement issues, and financing can be arranged for you.


Any endeavour that involves other people will depend on a set of systems that should be designed to ensure the operation is manageable in a consistent way. This involves an array of functions, such as: rosters; OH&S; food handling; accounting; cleaning routines; maintenance schedules; and many more.


Because of the amount of equipment to be acquired, it is not unusual for the equipment to be leased rather than purchased. This has many benefits, not least of which is not needing to have the funds on hand at the outset. Financing is a straightforward process that ACE Catering Equipment can assist with.

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