Ace Catering 5 Maintenance Tips Towards A Longer Lifespan For Your Restaurant Equipment Mar 20 - 5 Maintenance Tips Towards A Longer Lifespan For Your Restaurant Equipment

5 Maintenance Tips Towards A Longer Lifespan For Your Restaurant Equipment


Typically, the kitchen in your restaurant caters for exponentially higher numbers of people than, say, the kitchen in your home would. The better care you take of the equipment in your commercial kitchen, the longer it’s likely to serve you. This doesn’t mean you have to become obsessive and neglect other aspects of the business, but it does mean that you have to be consistent in all the maintenance measures you take. Here are some of the ways you can extend your equipment’s lifespan.

Longer Lifespan Tip #1: Make A Habit Of Keeping Your Commercial Equipment Clean

The easiest thing you can do to maintain your equipment in good condition is to clean it. Not only is this necessary to maintain compliance when it comes to health and safety, it also minimises the amount of damage-causing-materials that can get stuck where it shouldn’t, and over time causing a build-up of greases and grime.

Longer Lifespan Tip #2: Inspect Equipment For Faults Or Damage Before & After Use

Before you commence with business each day, it’s important to start with an inspection to check that all is in working order for the busy shift ahead. Should you find anything irregular – no matter how small – make sure to fix it before you get on with the day’s work. Conduct another inspection at the end of the day, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises the next morning.

Longer Lifespan Tip #3: Invest In The Appropriate Products & Tools For Cleaning

Depending on what materials your equipment is made from, some products will work better than others. Do your research on this and buy cleaning stuff that won’t wear or scratch your equipment. If you’re unsure, get in touch. With our many years in the industry we will be able to help you find the best products for your commercial kitchen equipment.

Longer Lifespan Tip #4: Ensure That Your Emergency Measures Are In Good Condition

One potential source of danger which can sometimes be overlooked is your emergency measures within your kitchen. Any grease build up within the ventilation areas of your kitchen and on your kitchen equipment, can be a serious fire hazard. Now is the time to double check your ventilation shafts and pockets, as well as testing your smoke detectors and extinguishing tools to ensure that you can both prevent and douse any accidental flames, should they spark up.

Longer Lifespan Tip #5: Arrange For Equipment Servicing At Regular Intervals

Every now and then, your machinery should be looked at and serviced by a professional. Any issues you may have missed, or problems that were hidden can be discovered and repaired before you find yourself caught without a vital piece of equipment needed for your kitchen to run smoothly.

Let’s be honest, it’s all about paying attention to even the most minor details. These are the things that save you forking out unnecessary repair and replacement money in the long run. Simply put: if you take care of your restaurant equipment, it will take care of you. Contact us for top tier equipment and supplies today.