A guide to selecting the best commercial cooking equipment


When starting a restaurant, acquiring commercial cooking equipments is no easy task and it is expensive. You need to shop around and inquire the cost of both new and used equipments. Visit equipment websites, local companies, national companies, and commercial cooking equipment auctions. You can also inquire from friends who have ventured in the business and failed or succeeded, they can introduce you to good dealers and you will be a step ahead.

The first step in selecting the best cooking equipment is deciding the exact equipment required for the operations of the restaurant. After settling on the equipment, you should consider the size, type and the number of each necessary unit varies depending on whether the task being performed is to adequately furnish a large kitchen or a small kitchen. Deciding on the exact equipments you want helps the next step of getting vendors who deal with the commercial kitchen equipment.

The reputation and quality of cooking equipment plays a major role in locating and buying items needed for operations. Other factors to be considered are type of warranties attached to each purchase, the equipments durability and the ease of operation. Take into consideration the reviews given by other people both negative and positive as they will help you on whether a particular brand is appropriate for your operations.

It is advisable to choose equipments that are versatile. This means that the equipment can perform more than one task. It will help you on minimizing your budget and the cash saved used for other equipments. It is obvious that the purchasing decision will be the last one to make. In case your budget is limited you need to compromise on some items and make sure you balance between the quality and cost of commercial cooking equipment that you choose. Buy the best equipment within your price range and the restaurant will be successful.

There are so many cooking equipments but there are those that are common in every restaurant. A commercial deep fryer is one of the most important equipment. They are used for frying food such as chips and there are different types depending on your need and cash. Some kinds of fryers are electric fryers, gas fryers, counter top fryers, fry baskets, donuts fryer etc.

Commercial range is cooking equipment. There are different types including gas ranges, electric ranges, wok ranges, induction ranges and electric hot plates. A gas range has gas rings and an oven for cooking with gas. It is more efficient as it is versatile and thus it saves money for the buyer. Microwave is important equipment which is used for heating food so food can be prepared in advance and heated when an order is placed. The types of microwaves are light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

A toaster used for making toasts, a blender used to turn soft food like fruits into liquid, coffee machine used for making coffee and juicer for squeezing juice from vegetables and fruits. These are some of the commercial cooking equipments for a restaurant.

Finally in selecting commercial cooking equipment you need to make an informed choice as your decision may affect the running of the restaurant.

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