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Ace Your Presentation – Choosing The Correct Ice Machine


Creating an appealing beverage or dish lies within both the taste and presentation. There are many aspects in creating an eye-catching beverage but have you thought about which ice you should be using? Ice is just ice right…..Wrong! There are many different options when it comes to ice, and ultimately how do you choose which styles best suits your needs? That’s where Ace Catering Equipment can help.

Below are the four main styles that Bars, Restaurants and Café’s commonly choose from.

Gourmet Ice:

If your main focus is preparing drinks and are looking for a hard, crystal-clear almost translucent cube, the gourmet style is what you need. Featuring a conical shape, it allows for easy pouring, excellent distribution and minimized splash back. The Gourmet Ice style is sophisticated and preferred in the fine dining industry.

Best For:

  • Spirits & Non-Blended Cocktails,
  • Restaurants, Bars & Fine Dining.

Cube Ice:

The benefit of the cubed styles, is that they are long lasting, crystal clear and available in a range of different sizes. Minimizing the risk of drink taste dilution is important especially when spirits are involved. Available in full, half and grande cube sizes. We would suggest cube style ice for cocktails, top shelf spirits and fine dining. Cube Ice is also the best for storage of food products due to its surface area and hence its extended melt down time.

Best For:

  • Carbonated Drinks,
  • Spirits & Cocktails,
  • Food storage/Eskies,
  • Restaurants, Bars & Café’s.

Nugget Ice:

These compressed “nugget” style pieces feature a chewable texture perfect for blended cocktails/smoothie’s and post mix drinks. ‘Nugget’ Ice Machines create small pieces of ice that are ideal for layering drinks and ensure fast cool-down of beverages.

Best For:

  • Post-Mix Carbonated Drinks,
  • Blended Cocktails,
  • Smoothie’s, Frappe’s and Juice,
  • Restaurants, Bars & Café’s.

Flake Ice:

Most commonly found in displays and underneath Seafood/Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to offer consistent temperature control, flake ice is an excellent presentation and preservation tool.

This style can also be used for blended cocktails and beverages, creating a faster melt option to standard ice styles.

Best For:

  • Food presentation,
  • Display preservation; both displayed and in delivery,
  • Blended Cocktails & Beverages,
  • Restaurants, Bars & Café’s.


Determining which ice machine is best suited to your businesses needs can be difficult, Ace Catering Equipment has over 35 years’ experience in commercial catering equipment, so let us do the hard work for you! We have a large range of brands and can find the best suited machine for your needs.


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