main image - Apply the ‘6P Rule’ to Maximise Your Commercial Kitchen Space

Apply the ‘6P Rule’ to Maximise Your Commercial Kitchen Space


What is commonly known as the ‘6P Military Rule’ can certainly be applied to anyone in charge of operating an efficient and profitable commercial kitchen.

‘Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance’
Whether you are planning to fit-out a new commercial kitchen, renovate your current space or undergoing a health check as to why your catering business is experiencing poor performance; you will need to carefully consider and plan for the best work flow to optimise your available space. The process encompasses every aspect of commercial catering including food storage, preparation, cooking and food service. All of which need to operate efficiently, hygienically and safely for peak performance.

Fitting out your commercial kitchen with the right catering equipment is a key factor in maximising your kitchen space in conjunction with achieving a smooth and safe environment for food preparation and service. Your commercial catering equipment products list should include the following items:

ACE Catering Equipment Brisbane offers a comprehensive range of services and commercial food equipment products, so there is no need to be left wondering “How can I best utilise this space to its best potential?” We can help create a fully functional commercial catering kitchen perfectly tailored to your menu and performance criteria.

Our services include design and fit-out, supply of commercial catering equipment and every other step in the process. Our professional team of Electricians, Shop Fitters, Plumbers and Gas Fitters enables us to offer clients a One Stop Shop, Turn Key Operation. Once up and running we can also offer the services of recognised Compliance Certifiers and accreditation. Click here for more details.

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