Basic tips on selecting commercial catering equipment


Investing in the right catering equipment is one of the best decisions that the owner of a restaurant or a take-away can make. The right commercial cooking equipment not only makes a business competitive in the short run, it is also cost effective in the long run. What’s more, having the best equipment is the surest way of attracting and retaining great talent. Great people always want to work with the best equipment possible.

washing - Basic tips on selecting commercial catering equipment

However, selecting the best catering equipment for a business can be a very daunting task. This is because there multitudes of brands, each making bold claims about their products. The following are the most important things to consider when selecting commercial catering equipment.

What the business needs

The key word here is “need”. The best catering equipment is the one which makes the business better at achieving its objectives. The primary question before any purchase can be made is “how does it help us achieve our objectives?” If the equipment does not take the business a step closer to achieving its goals, then purchasing it does not make business sense.

The Cost of the Equipment

Simply because a given piece of equipment is very expensive does not mean that it is the right one for a business. Conversely, simply because it is cheap does not mean it is perfect either. Although the primary consideration is the cost purchase, there other considerations as well. For electrical equipment, power consumption is one of the greatest costs to consider. Then there is also the cost of maintenance.

Ease of Usage and Maintenance

The best catering equipment is relatively easy for the average person to use or learn how to use. If the equipment requires some expert knowledge to use then purchase it only if you already have someone in your staff who is in possession of the expertise. Otherwise, you will have to consider the extra cost of hiring some expert to operate the equipment or training your staff how to operate it. Also, the best equipment is one on which it is relatively easy to perform basic cleaning and maintenance servicing.

The Size of the Equipment

This is one consideration that is often easy to overlook. The size of the equipment has to be considered in light of the space that is available to place it in. Is there enough room to place it in? Can it even get in through you door? Failing to consider the size can lead to a situation where you purchase equipment that you cannot even get into its designated room.

Supporting Services

Most catering equipment is by nature durable – with minimum life cycles of three years or more. The bestcommercial food equipment have supporting services attached to them. Such services can include warranties and guarantees, or technical services in case the equipment breaks down. Also, extra services like installation of the equipment at your premises can help to reduce your ultimate costs.

Therefore, when guided by the above considerations, selecting commercial catering equipment becomes much simpler. And the owner of a restaurant or food take-away can concentrate their energies making their business what they have always dreamt it would be.