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Best Commercial Kitchen Appliances


Every commercial kitchen requires a professional set up of high-quality, high-end industrial-grade appliances. While there is an initial outlay and significant costs involved, it is worth investing in the best commercial kitchen appliances as they are critical to your kitchen’s efficiency and smooth operation and key to a successful business.

What are some of the best commercial appliances?

Dishwashing & Glass washing appliances

Your seating capacity, intended turnover of tables and utensils you plan to use in a session will help determine the style and specification of the Dishwasher you need. Consider also whether a staff member washing during service. The best appliances for a commercial kitchen include:

  • Under Bench Dishwashers
  • Upright Dishwashers
  • Conveyor Dishwashers
  • Utensil/ Pot Washers

Refrigeration appliances

Delivery frequency of frozen and fresh produce and projected turnover of menu lines will help you calculate capacity and storage method. Consider also the positioning and insulation to reduce heat load and energy consumption. The refrigeration appliances include:

  • Upright fridges
  • Undercounter fridges
  • Workbench fridge
  • Chest fridges/ freezers
  • Display fridges
  • Cold rooms (walk-in)

Cooking appliances

When you have finalised your menu, consider your Cooking Equipment needs to produce your menu items and maximise your kitchen’s output. Depending on your restaurant type, purpose and cuisine served, the following appliances are suitable for a commercial kitchen:

  • Cooktops & ranges
  • Benchtop griddles
  • Ovens, Fryers & Steamers
  • Gas burner char grill tops
  • Free-standing boilers
  • Rotisseries & Bain Maries
  • Salamanders

Food Preparation appliances

The processing and handling of foods also require appliances to ensure an efficiently run kitchen. Functions, efficiency and ease of cleaning are essential when selecting commercial food processing appliances. Consider the type of functions required, such as cutting, julienne, grating, mincing, or multi-function. Here are the best appliances to suit the needs of a commercial kitchen:

  • Food Processors
  • Stick Blenders
  • Slicers – meat, bread
  • Mincers & Graters
  • Planetary & Dough Mixers
  • Dry-aging Cabinets

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