Blast Chiller Does Your Catering Business Need One Yes - Blast Chiller -Does Your Catering Business Need One? Yes!

Blast Chiller -Does Your Catering Business Need One? Yes!


When it comes to preserving food such as meat, fish and vegetables, each type requires a different temperature, and if being preserved for a lengthy period of time Blast Chilling/Freezing temperature is paramount to ensuring total food safety and hygiene.

Blast Chillers are specifically designed to chill food rapidly so that bacterial growth is inhibited. Generally, most foods that have been properly chilled can be stored safely in a regular refrigerator at 2°C to 3°C for up to 5-6 days (or up to 20 days when vacuum packed). Also, if food has been frozen after being chilled, the storage period can be extended to several months.

How does a Blast Chiller work?

Bacteria will grow and multiply rapidly in food when the temperature ranges between +65°C to +10°C. Blast Chillers are particularly designed to chill hot food rapidly from +90°C to a core temperature of +3°C in less than 90 minutes. When the core temperature is reached, the programme automatically shifts to ‘holding mode’ and continues working as a normal refrigerator, storing food at a temperature ranging from 0°C to +5°C.

What’s the difference between a Blast Chiller and a Freezer?

When freshly cooked food is placed in a freezer the freezing process has to begin with food that is at warm temperature. The process of freezing food involves turning all the water molecules into crystals, and this means the ice crystals that form will be large macro-crystals. The problem with this is that the larger the ice crystals, the more harm that is done to the cell walls of the food. Upon defrosting, the cell molecules rupture and liquid seeps out, taking with it a loss of weight, flavour, nutrients; resulting in a softer, less resilient texture.

In comparison, a Blast Chiller lowers the temperature at a much faster rate, reducing loss from evaporation during the cooling process, and forming micro-crystals which preserve all the qualities of your food. As soon as the food is frozen it can be moved to your commercial freezer for storage, and upon defrosting there will be no loss of liquid, flavour or firmness.

What are the benefits of a Blast Chiller?

  • Food safety – Blast Chilling/Freezing temperatures are vital with regard to meeting international regulators’ set standards for time and temperature – maintaining total food safety.
  • Operational efficiency – the production of larger quantities of food in advance by cooking, chilling and holding it at +2/+3 °C enables commercial kitchens to cope with unforeseen high demand, provide more menu options to customers, maximise the usage of food service equipment and significantly decrease theamount of food wastage.
  • Food Quality – provides the capacity to keep ingredients and dishes at a consistently high quality while preserving their nutritional value, flavour, colour and appearance.

As you can see, a Blast Chiller is an essential appliance for commercial catering businesses looking for a crucial advantage. ACE Catering Equipment is a proud supplier of the Polaris Blast Chiller/Freezer range, providing efficiency and substantial savings in the procurement,
preparation and service of food, while ensuring excellent results in relation to taste, aroma, appearance and, above all food safety.

ACE is perfectly positioned to advise and assist with all your Refrigeration / Freezer Equipment needs. We can also custom build to your specific kitchen requirements and space restrictions. Contact us today for more information and competitive pricing-phone (07) 3279 5204, mobile 0414 887 298, or click here to complete the online enquiry form.