Buying Commercial Catering Equipment


Catering requires special equipment in order be convenient and efficient. However, before buying any Commercial Catering equipment, the catering firm needs to assess the extent of catering operation and the available budget. For instance, the company will need to decide on whether the catering services will be offered on-premise, off-premise, or both ways. Companies offering services on their premises can cut down massively ion the kind of equipment they need to purchase. However, when undertaking off-premise catering the company will need to buy specialized carriers for keeping food as hot and cold as necessary.

Furthermore, the scope of catering operation determines the necessary equipment. Therefore, a catering company needs top know the maximum number of people to be served in an event before deciding on the number of equipment to buy. For instance, if the company is to serve people in a wedding of 500 people, it requires enough glasses, flatware, and plates, and will be compelled to buy or rent them.

The biggest, and possibly the most expensive catering equipment, is the means of transporting other equipment and food. Commonly, a van or other kind of vehicle is used to carry dishes, staff, and food to event location. Before purchasing or renting the transportation means, the company needs to consider the size of the event. For small parties, the items may be conveyed using a personal vehicle. However, for companies that have big plans, buying a vehicle dedicated to carrying catering items dedicated vehicle will be inevitable.

Similarly, caterers should be able to decide the kind of equipment they can borrow and the ones they need to buy. For catering jobs that are fairly small, catering companies can depend on their restaurants or stocks of items, such as glasses, linens, plates, flatware, and serving utensils. However, in catering at bigger events, it is wise to budget for the necessary equipment and only supplement with those in store. Furthermore, depending on the scope of the catering operations, it is usually prudent to rent items such as linens, chairs, dishes, and tables instead of investing on them. Renting such commercial catering equipment helps to open a huge margin of profit per catering operation. For instance, if you are invited to cater at an event of 2,000 guests and project that you may never again cater for such a huge event, renting equipment will help to save you a huge amount of money.