Catering Equipment


Feeding a bigger group of people is not an easy task. It requires professional service delivery and appropriate equipment. Catering is a form of service that involves the provision of food service to a big crowd. Catering usually involves providing food service in remote sites or sites that are meant for the public such as hotels, pubs, or private event venues. Catering services requires quality food. Providing catering services also requires equipment that can cook, serve, store and reserve food to retain their flavor and quality.

Catering equipment

The equipment used for catering includes a variety of equipment for various uses. The equipment includes glassware, dishwashers, chefs’ uniform to cookery. Other equipment includes kitchen equipment and accessories. Catering equipment can be specifically classified into bench top appliances, which include microwaves, blenders, and other appliances that are small. The bench top appliances are small and portable pieces of equipment that can be placed on a table or bench during use. These appliances are very important in part of the food processing procedures.

The other type of catering equipment is buffet ware. Buffet wares are usually equipment used to store food as they are served. Cooking equipment constitutes other type catering equipment. Cooking equipment are usually bulky and big because of the amount of food that they are designed to handle. Cutlery and glassware are used to serve food. Cutlery and glassware vary in quality depending on the type of catering. For mobile catering, disposable cutlery are usually used.

The other type of equipment used in catering is disposables. Disposables are usually disposable towels, stationary and hand sanitizers. Most of the disposables are used for sanitary purposes or administration. Food displays are the other type of equipment used during catering. Food displays are usually used for people to select the food they want and to preserve the food.

Other forms of equipment are food processors. Food processors are equipment that are used to process food into a form that is necessary for preparation. Meal delivery are equipment that are used to serve in events where the guests are seated and there is no self-service. Plate dispensers and trolleys can also be used to serve food. Mixers are used during food preparation to mix the ingredients. Catering involves large volumes of food that may not be mixed through ordinary domestic ways.

Equipment use

The appropriate use of the equipment is necessary to achieve the desired results. Most of the equipment comes with manual on how to use. Training may be necessary for some sophisticated equipment. Nevertheless, for a person with catering training, using the equipment should not be difficult.

The equipment used depends on the type of catering and the number of people expected to be served. There are four main types of catering. These are mobile catering, event catering box lunch catering and catering on special sites such as ships. The type of catering determines the appropriate equipment to be used. Some of the equipment used are very specific and may prove difficult to get or use for novices. However, the equipment are readily available provided one specifies that you require catering equipment Brisbane.