How to Choose the right Commercial Dishwasher

How to Choose the right Commercial Dishwasher


Choosing the right commercial dishwashing equipment will help your kitchen run smoothly and contribute to increased profits. However, making the wrong choice could see your business all washed up!

Over and above the factors we are about to discuss, just as importantly remember to choose a reputable brand, supported by a professional and reliable supplier, with legitimate maintenance programs and warranty.

What factors should you consider before you choose?

Your budget
Whilst you may need to spend more up front, the long-term investment will pay off, with increased productivity and savings in time and running costs.

Size and Capacity

  • SizeHow many dishes can it hold/cycle?
  • Capacity – Calculate how many racks of dishes you produce per hour (also consider times (and seasons) of peak demand, plus anticipated business growth.

Space/location: Before you go shopping, measure your space for two reasons:

  • The dishwasher(s) will need to fit in the allocated kitchen space
  • Traffic flow – commercial kitchens can be busy, crowded places so allow for the fact that two or more staff will be loading/unloading the machine most of the time.

Ease of Use:

  • Operation – Settings/functionality
  • Rack design – make sure the racks can fit everything that needs to be washed, and you have enough racks to maintain the frequency levels required.


  1. How many dishes can you fit into one load (i.e. lower the frequency needed to run the machine and maintain a steady flow of clean dishes).
  2. Length of wash cycle.

Noise – Most commercial dishwashers are loud. The more powerful, the louder they tend to be; therefore, it is extremely important to consider the location of the dishwasher in relation to customers.

Energy and Water Use – Look for the Energy Star Certification. Machines that earn it have been found to be 40% more energy efficient and use 40% less water. Many commercial dishwashers have design features including low-energy settings, automatic fill and idle pump shutoff, as well as a built-in booster heating unit to improve energy efficiency.

Electrical and Water Requirements

  • Commercial dishwashers use a lot of energy so if your electrical system isn’t designed to provide the proper voltage, you risk blowing a fuse and/or not being able to use your dishwasher at all.
  • Check with your local council to make sure you meet the drainage requirements, i.e. the right pipes and drains for everything to work and be within code.


Proper ventilation of the dishwashing area is imperative, both for the safety and comfort of staff, plus high humidity reduces the effectiveness of your dishwasher’s drying cycle.

Having considered the above factors, you may also need to bear in mind that some machines are specifically designed to only wash glassware or pots and pans. If your commercial kitchen has the space, it is preferable to split dishwashing tasks between two specialised units.

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