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Choosing the Right Kitchen Equipment


Stating your own restaurant or catering business can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey, especially with the seemingly large range of commercial kitchen equipment available these days.

It can be a challenge trying to determine what you really need, too often we see clients who are spending their budget on appliances that are unsuitable or unnecessary. Choosing the right equipment from the start can save your business thousands over the long term:

Preparation and processing equipment

These are the tools and appliances you need in the kitchen, depending on the range of menu items that you are serving. Most commercial kitchens will require a food processor to help with the efficiency of food preparation. You can also get additional slicers, blenders, salamanders, and other processing appliances to suit your needs.

Cooking equipment

Next, you will need to plan out the actual equipment required for cooking. Commercial ovens are one of the most common commercial catering equipment, along with burners, grills, deep fryers, and griddles. Again, this depends on the type of restaurant or catering business you are running. If your menu is wide and varied, it might be worth the investment to install multiple burners, for example, to ensure that you can meet the demands of busy periods.

Cooking utensils and serving ware

You can’t cook and serve without utensils and cookware. From pots and pans to strainers, wooden spoons, cutlery, trays, and serving ware, you need to decide on the quantity required to ensure the smooth operations of your business. This will also depend on how quickly you can manage the washing cycle.

Washing and cleaning

Which leads to dishwashing and glass-washing equipment. There are several types of heavy-duty washers for commercial setups; including conveyor dishwashers, under bench dishwashers, special dishwashers for large pots, and glass washers for the bar. You will also need to consider drying racks, commercial sinks, and tapware.

Storage and refrigeration

Ensure you have enough pantry space allocated for the storage of ingredients and the correct type of cold storage equipment. Can you fit a full walk-in cold room or if you are space-conscious, then perhaps the standard upright fridge or under-counter type would suit. Freezers can also take up large areas so plan your deliveries to estimate the size that you require.

Be sure to consult your staff and Chef to get their direct input. It is also worthwhile to engage a professional supplier to ensure the equipment that you have chosen is suitable for your business.

ACE Catering Equipment is a leader in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, serving the local Brisbane community for many years. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to help you plan your commercial kitchen; from site selection and layout design to equipment selection, delivery and installation.

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