Commercial Food Equipment Company in Australia


Are you looking for the best catering equipment retailers? Or even the best commercial food equipment? Well, the commercial food equipment company is one of the best in the provision of these services. The company is located in Australia where it is rated among the largest catering equipment retailers. The commercial food equipment organization has been serving the Queensland food industry since 1970. The company is located in Brisbane, Queensland and Rocklea cities in Australia where it was initially started. Since it is based in a number of cities in Australia, it is able to offer services to their clients appropriately.

A number of people face challenges when it comes on the selection of the best commercial food equipment. The company offers one of the best solutions to some of the challenges faced in the selection process. It provides services such as assisting the clients with the selection of the best food equipment product which it has in stock. The company provides other services such as repairs to the equipment that a client had bought since they have experienced staff for these services. The company also owns a workshop where repair of the equipment is done. The company also provide door to door services if maybe one needs repairing of equipment done at home. The door to door service reduces the transportation of large equipments that are fragile which may breakdown when transporting it. It is also known that the company provides delivery services to local and international customers. This clearly states that the organization provides quality services to its customers and they fully satisfy the customer’s wants as per the customer’s expectations.

The food equipment organization offers a wide range of food equipment products. They include cooking equipment, dish washers, refrigerators and coffee machines. The company also has resources which allow them to supply and manufacture cooking equipment which are specialized, custom-made refrigerators, steel benching and frame work. It has also expanded its range of products. The products are such as kitchen ware, tableware and glass ware. Hence the customers have a variety of equipment to choose which is to their advantage.

Since experience plays a major role in the provision of high quality services, the company has trained service staffs since 1970 when the company started. Some of them are electricians and others gas fitters who are able to offer services such as renewing of equipment. They have the skills to transform old equipment to a new one after it has been used for a long time. The equipment is broken down, cleaned then repaired and ready for sale. The sale of such equipment is a three month parts and a labor warranty is provided. The company also provides mobile services where provision of quality installation and repairs of gas and electrical appliances is provided to the customers. This is an added advantage to all the customers who are far from the workshop were such services are provided.

The commercial food equipment company is the best supplier of food equipments and with high quality products. It also offers fair prices to its customers buying new equipment. The company operates with a motive of providing quality services to satisfy their customers fully.