Commercial Food Equipment for All Needs


The catering industry is a multifaceted world and requires different needs to be met for it to run as smoothly as it does. Catering firms need to have the right equipment in order to carry out their duties successfully and effectively. Commercial food equipment is a supplying company and is one of the longest running in Australia. It supplies both locally and nationally for whatever a client requires whether it be simply a teaspoon or a sizeable commercial coldroom.

Depending on the kind of event that a catering firm deals with they may need different kinds of commercial food equipment. For those who deal with birthdays then bakery equipment will be most useful while those that cater to outdoor events may be more in need of char grills and coldrooms. Whatever specialty that a catering company is in they need to have the right equipment to ensure that their food is kept fresh. The equipment can also be used in the preparation and presentation of the food as well as in the arrangement and décor of an event.

Commercial food equipment used in the catering industry include Bain Maries, banquet carts, bakery equipment, benches and sinks, blenders, cake displays, boiling water units, char grills, carving stations, coffee warmers, coldrooms, cook tops, crepe machines, deli displays, dishwashers, dough rollers, glass washers, drink dispensers, food displays both hot and cold, food processors, fryers and freezers, grill plates, ovens, ingredient bins, hand dryers, mixers and a host of other equipment like hot food bars and juicers. Caterers have the responsibility of preserving and preparing the food, keeping it at the required temperature until it is time to be presented. The presentation and display of the food is also just as important as its preparation. More often than not there are different courses in the meal as well as different drinks for the event. All of this requires that different equipment be used to preserve the food, prepare it, display it and present it.

The equipment can be simple such as the ones used at homes or advanced and large depending on the catering specialty. However catering does not end after the food has been prepared, presented and hopefully enjoyed by the clients, it includes cleaning up and ensuring that the venue is left as clean as it was or even more so since going the extra mile does get clients to remember you and want to do business once again. Commercial food equipment does extend beyond the mainstream and includes the miscellaneous such as the napkins, scales and even shelves. Although this equipment may not seem to serve as big a purpose as the rest it does make quite a difference to both the guests and caterers in an event where the unexpected should be expected. Commercial food equipment has been in the catering industry serving customers since 1970 and has staff experienced in handling all kinds of enquiries from services to new and used equipment and there is no service or request that is too trivial to cater to.