Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Safety and Efficiency


The Commercial Kitchen

According to one commentary, she prefers commercial kitchen equipment to their residential counterparts because the commercial version is more resilient and space-efficient. Her assessment is correct especially if you can afford high-quality commercial kitchen equipment. However, there is another reason why commercial kitchen equipment is the preferred choice. The law requires restaurant operators and large-scale food production facilities to prioritize safety and efficiency.

Depending on where you live different states and different cities have their own rules and regulations on how to establish and maintain a commercial kitchen. It begins with strict adherence to state, county and local codes with regards to safety and food preparation. The main goal is to protect workers from injury and to ensure that the food is safe to eat. Thus, the law mandates the need to be conscious of measured spaces between heated surfaces. Workers must have enough space to work without being forced to stand near hot cooking equipment. At the same time the law mandates an efficient movement pattern in the kitchen so that workers can move freely.

Inspectors usually come unannounced to find out if the correct commercial kitchen layout was followed. Most of the time the law requires a specific number of electric and natural gas outlets based on the size of the kitchen. With this information in mind it is easy to see why professional chefs and experienced entrepreneurs prefer commercial kitchen equipment to ordinary cooking implements.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Safety and Efficiency

Residential equipment is not the best choice because you need to replace them constantly. Commercial kitchen equipment lasts longer because this type of high-quality equipment was designed to handle large-scale food preparation. It is impossible to mass-produce food using non-durable items. In addition, commercial kitchen equipment has safety features that you cannot expect to see in an ordinary cooking apparatus.

One of the best safety features that you can find in commercial kitchen equipment is the fire suspension system. For example, the restaurant hood suppression system detects fire and automatically suppresses fire before it escalates and destroys nearby equipment and injure workers. In commercial dishwashers there is a safety feature that shuts down the equipment if the door is partially open to prevent hot steam from injuring a worker.

Choose the Appropriate Type of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Before you commit to the sale bring along a culinary consultant to carefully inspect and assess the commercial kitchen equipment that you are planning to buy. Bring someone who is knowledgeable about your kitchen layout. Make sure the equipment is compatible with the type of food that you want to serve to your customers. Make sure the commercial kitchen equipment that you are gong to purchase complies with the requirements of the law. Make sure that the design and dimensions of the said commercial kitchen equipment enables a free flow of traffic within the kitchen area. Prioritize safety and efficiency in order to provide quality service to your customers. If you want to know more about commercial kitchen equipment, click here.