Commercial Kitchen Equipment from Ace Catering Equipment Store


With hundreds of high quality products to choose from, Ace Catering Equipment is one stop shop for commercial kitchen equipment. We carry reputable brands at prices that cannot be beaten elsewhere. Browse through all of our restaurant supply categories to find the perfect piece of equipment for your food-service business. We offer commercial restaurant equipment and commercial kitchen equipment from the top manufactures in the industry. Ace Catering Equipment focuses on variety, freshness, display and importance of temperature control. No matter the type of food service business you run, our commercial kitchen supplies provide cooks and chefs the means to prep, cook, bake and store items in the commercial kitchen.

For those of you who have experience working in the fast paced catering industry or restaurant, you will appreciate the significance of everything in full working order. We ensure that service go as planned without any mechanical kitchen hitches and that why our commercial kitchen equipment is a priority. This industry, unlike other industries, is extremely difficult to survive in, since the smallest thing that goes wrong can ruin a reputation that has taken you years to build up. It is therefore a must that everything in the kitchen is working to the highest standard- each and every time and that is what we aim at.

Our selection on commercial kitchen equipment and food preparation equipment will provide your business with a wide range of options including various types of styles and cooking techniques. We understand that the first impression is very important for every business and representation is equally essential. With our wide selection of commercial display cases, buffet equipment and food holdings, tables and stands, we offer you an opportunity to stage your commercial kitchen in a profitable way. If you are planning to open a food business or you are new in the business, it is important for you to know where to get quality commercial kitchen equipment.

We understand that getting the right commercial cooking equipment has never been easier or affordable. Fortunately, we have a phenomenal selection of cooking equipment. Form commercial ranges and ovens, to toasters, steamers, griddles and much more, we have got you covered. Our ovens range from conveyor models to convention. In fact, we have got the right type of oven for your bakery, pizzeria, cafeteria and other food service operations. For food holding equipment and food warming, our holding equipment and food warmers will keep your meals the perfect serving temperatures. We have a dependable commercial ice machine and many beverage equipment. So, whether your customers are craving on an ice cold beer or a piping hot coffee, we have machines and beverage dispensers you need. Additionally, we have merchandising and food display that can increase impulse buying and profits.

Find the solution for your unique business needs with our specialty stores. No matter what your specialty is, we have you covered. For more information, please contact us through our website and our esteemed customer service will settle your problem.