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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Tips


After the excitement of purchasing the right catering equipment for your commercial kitchen, it is all too easy to allow maintenance to become an afterthought. That is until you have a breakdown that causes an inconvenient operational delay and costs a fortune in repairs and loss of business.

It is therefore imperative that ongoing maintenance routines are set in place to guarantee that little problems don’t become big ones. To ensure that your food catering equipment continues to run at maximum efficiency we recommend you apply the following tips:

  • Make sure all staff are fully trained in operating each piece of commercial cooking equipment according to the instruction manuals; and follow the safety procedures and cleaning routines accordingly.
  • Do not neglect the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly routines for commercial refrigeration maintenance. For more information click here to read our recent blog ‘Helpful Guide to Refrigeration Maintenance.’
  • Schedule regular maintenance with a qualified contractor to clean the overhead vent, hood and duct. If your commercial kitchen uses a deep fryer, it must be inspected by a skilled cooking appliance contractor every twelve months after the fryer has been in service for five years.
  • Daily cleaning of the grease filter and routine cleaning of the interior of the deep fryer, as per manufacturer’s instructions, will reduce the risk of a fire (which could put your business out of action for months). Also don’t forget to have your fire extinguishers tested regularly to ensure they are operational and ready if needed.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of appliance checks by service technicians who can identify small issues before they develop into larger more expensive problems. Scheduling regular check-ups is a preventative strategy that will minimise the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • The floor is also an integral part of your commercial catering area and should be cleaned thoroughly every day using a quality cleaner designed specifically for commercial kitchen floors.
  • Keeping your commercial kitchen clean and tidy, including the proper maintenance of cooking and food preparation equipment is also vitally important for health and food safety requirements. Providing daily, weekly, and monthly checklists for staff to adhere to helps ensure nothing is overlooked and your catering business continues to run professionally and cost-effectively.

ACE can offer your business a Programmed Maintenance Schedule, as well as all servicing – gas, electric and refrigeration, with Prompt 24/7 Service.

ACE has been operating since 1982 and is a renown and trusted supplier of high-quality Commercial Catering Equipment to the Australian Takeaway Restaurant, Hotel / Motel, Aged Care and General Hospitality Industry. Contact us today, (07) 3279 5204 or mobile 0414 887 – the commercial catering equipment experts!

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