Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Selecting commercial kitchen equipment can be a daunting task, there are so many factors to consider and the market offers a wide range of equipment. As a matter of fact you will be spoilt for choice.

Below find factors to consider while selecting commercial kitchen equipment

1. Reputation – Always select equipment from reputable brands. Such brands have a good name because they produce high quality equipments and the existing customers are happy with their services. There are all sorts of brands in the market, some of them you have never heard, them. It is a good practice to shy away from unknown brands since their equipment or services has not been well tested. Though such brands are usually cheaper, they may not be durable

2. Cost – The market offers commercial kitchen equipment at low prices as well as very high prices. Depending on your budget select commercial food equipment that suits your budget. It does not mean that the most expensive equipments are the best. But as a golden rule never buy the cheapest, they are associated with low quality and they never last long

3. Local supplier or manufacturer – It is recommended that you source for commercial kitchen equipments from a local supplier or manufacturer. This is because the local supplier offers maintenance or repair services within a short period of time. Some people have been faced with problems when the commercial kitchen equipment breaks down and it was purchased from overseas suppliers or manufacturer. To repair or maintain such equipments becomes very expensive and may take a long period of time. You don’t want to close your temporality restaurant business because of equipment malfunction

4. Energy efficiency – Always select equipment that uses energy in an efficient manner, you don’t want cooking equipment that uses a lot of energy only to be presented with a very high power bill that you cannot afford to pay. Some manufacturers are well known for producing energy efficient commercial kitchen equipments, do your research and go for equipment that uses less electrical power. Some equipment is fitted with thermostat and other advanced mechanisms that switch them off while not in use. It is recommended that you should consider purchasing kitchen equipments with such power saving features.

5. Select modern equipments -The market still offers old fashioned cooking equipment; ensure that you select state of the art equipment that will offer you a great service. Some of the modern equipment have been automated and require less human intervention. Such equipment will be a great addition to your restaurant and will save you money in the long run. Although old fashioned equipments may be cheap the running costs may be higher and some processes may require human intervention on a full time basis In conclusion, in addition to the aforementioned factors, you should also consider maintenance of the equipment and the availability of accessories or spare parts.

This is because apart from selecting the right equipment, it is absolutely necessary to keep the equipment running smoothly and working efficiently. Don’t forget to schedule maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep your commercial cooking equipment in a good condition for a long period of time.