Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

Commercial Kitchen Optimisation & Efficiency


In a previous blog we referred to the importance of selecting the right commercial catering equipment, which is key to the viability of your business. These distinct components need to be arranged in a specific format to optimise the performance and efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

There are five main sections of a commercial kitchen which are critical to the productivity of your catering business:

1. Cleaning and washing
2. Food Storage
3. Preparation of food
4. Meal cooking
5. Service

Quality stainless steel catering equipment not only adds aesthetic style to your kitchen – durability and optimum performance are vital to handling the daily pressures of providing efficient food preparation and service.

Appliances should fit the kitchen space properly to maximise the available area in the best way possible so that employees can move freely and provide a fast and efficient service. ACE Catering Equipment is perfectly placed to help save you time and money by assisting you with all your equipment needs including design and kitchen fitouts. Our wide range of commercial equipment includes ovens, cooktops, refrigeration, storage units, utensils, beverages dispensers, dishwashers, and much more. Premium catering equipment is vital to your business success.

When it comes to food service, time is of the essence, so its important things run smoothly, avoiding confusion and poor service. A professionally designed kitchen provides a first-rate environment for efficient processes and quality food. Correct fitout and installation of the right food preparation equipment will benefit the profitability of your business.

Energy efficiency is also vital component to profitability. There are several ways of decreasing power consumption. Commercial kitchen equipment such refrigerators, cooking equipment, fryers, steamers etc. need to be positioned correctly within the kitchen, plus select appliances including refrigeration equipment that are energy star rated.

In addition, meeting standards and compliances is an important element to commercial food equipment selection. ACE Catering Equipment is here to assist, offering quality products to ensure all compliances and health code standards are met. We provide the best equipment, best prices and excellent service.

A professionally designed commercial catering facility equipped with durable and efficient food service equipment will save you time and money. Let our team of experts at ACE help you with all your fitout and catering equipment needs – Don’t be complacent – be proactive and contact us today, (07) 3279 5204 or mobile 0414 887 298