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Creating Efficient Commercial Kitchen Flow – Order or Chaos!


Designing a commercial kitchen with efficient flow requires a good floor plan, the right commercial catering equipment and logical work-flow systems for food production and staff. This equates to order in the kitchen and business profitability. However, failing to nail this concept is likely to result in ‘chaos.’ Otherwise defined as disorder and confusion – not a good recipe for success!

The kitchen is the ‘engine room’ of your catering business, where your menu comes alive. A well thought out kitchen flow benefits everything from food service, safety, staff performance, customer satisfaction and most importantly – profitability.

Whilst commercial kitchen configurations will differ according to the size and style of food service provided by your catering business, the following sequence is one example of kitchen layout used to help optimise productivity and flow.

1. Washing/Cleaning Area (sinks, commercial dishwashers, drying)
This area should ideally be near the entrance to the kitchen for easy access by wait staff dropping off dirty dishes, and also located next to the storage area for placement of clean dishes and cookware, accessible by chefs and staff.

2. Storage Area (non-food, commercial refrigeration/freezer, non-perishables and consumables)

3. Food Preparation Area
This area should be located away from and independent of the dishwashing area to lesson any cross contamination.

4. Cooking Area
This is the central point where your menu materialises and should be located at the front of the kitchen near the service area.

5. Service Area
As this area is the final stage of the production line, it needs to be positioned at the front of the kitchen close to front-of-house, reducing the time and distance involved in serving meals to customers.

A correctly planned and designed kitchen, with the right catering equipment will provide a productive and safe work environment for your staff, not to mention you will save thousands and end up with more profit in your back pocket.

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