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Dish Washing and Glass Washing Equipment

ACE Catering equipment can help you with all your Warewashing – Dish Washing Equipment – Glass Washing Equipment

New Venture – Are you looking for Dish Washing Equipment? Glass Washing Equipment?

What should you consider when looking?
Predominately your seating capacity and intended turnover of seats will determine the quantity (numbers) of crockery and utensils you will go through in a session. Add this to the cooking utensils / pans etc you will utilise in a session, and you have a guide to the style and specification of the Dishwasher you will require. The same is applicable for glassware

What else should be taken into consideration?
Consideration then must be given to whether you will have a staff member washing during service and how often this will take place.

Please note –   Mechanical Ventilation is required for Pass Through Machines, however Under Counter Units do not require this. (Check with your local authority)

Replacement and or Additional Dish Washing Equipment or Glass Washing Equipment

As is the case with most machines, new models are far more energy efficient and use less consumables.  We are available to assist you with how a new machine can can save money while increasing efficiency.  Contact us today on 07 3279 5204 or complete our Contact Form and we will be more than happy to assist!

At “Ace Catering Equipment”, we are perfectly placed, to advise and assist you, on all your Ware Washing requirements.

“Don’t end up Washed Up – Just ask us for a Clean option”