Commercial Catering Equipment Specialists - Energy Efficient Commercial Catering Equipment = Profitability $$$

Energy Efficient Commercial Catering Equipment = Profitability $$$


With the rising cost of electricity eating into your profits, it is worth considering whether you are actually saving money by holding onto older commercial catering equipment that may still function okay as opposed to upgrading to new more reliable energy-efficient appliances.  You are likely to discover that the investment quickly pays off as a result of the savings you make in reduced electricity costs.

When it comes to choosing a new appliance it can be rather confusing. Do you compare the stars or the number in the centre of the label to work out which is more energy-efficient and therefore save the most money?

The Energy Star Rating Label refers to how energy efficient a model is in comparison to other models of the same size. Products are given a rating based on standardised testing with one star representing the most inefficient model and ten stars representing the most efficient. The energy consumption number found in the Energy Star Rating Label refers to how much electricity a model uses.

So when comparing energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment: –

  • Firstly – consider your needs regarding capacity
  • Secondly – use the star rating to compare different models of the same capacity

It can be worth paying extra initially for the most energy-efficient appliance on the basis that it’s going to save you more in the long term.

Keeping up with the maintenance of your commercial catering equipment is also essential to ensuring that your kitchen is operating at maximum efficiency. Regular servicing not only means that emerging problems can be dealt with quickly but often helps improve energy efficiency too. Verifying that the correct settings are being used and the appliance is being operated properly by all staff can also prevent energy waste too.

Train your staff to use electrical appliances efficiently. Many appliances continue to use energy in standby mode and should be switched off at the power outlet, not just on the machine. Creating a specific checklist for your commercial kitchen equipment, detailing the start-up/shut-down times of appliances that do not need to be kept turned on for the entire duration of the shift will also help save on energy costs

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