EnviroChill – Temperature Checks the Easy New Way!


Are you tired of manually checking the temperature of your fridges or cold room? Have you lost produce and profit due to temperature mishaps? We have the solution you’ve been looking for.

EnviroChill is an effort free way to monitor your temperatures and have the results send direct to your smartphone. EnviroChill’s wireless monitoring design effortlessly records temperatures and sends them instantly to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Set up and forget, it can’t get much easier than that when it comes to peace of mind!

How does this system work? It’s simple, EnviroChill is constantly monitoring your refrigerated space’s temperature long after everyone has gone home. If it detects an increase in temperature an instant alert will be sent to your chosen device. Didn’t see the message – No Problem. If the temperature doesn’t reduce, a secondary alert will be sent to your device. No more unwanted surprises, with EnviroChill you can take action at the first sign of a problem.  

0 - EnviroChill - Temperature Checks the Easy New Way!

Aside from the nightmare of losing produce and seeing profit go into the bin, the EnviroChill system can also help maintain your city council Food Safety Rating. Get rid of the manual log books and pens, this wireless system is supported by a Food Safety databased that is designed to comply with the Eat Safe program implemented in Brisbane/Logan/Ipswich and surrounding councils.

 “This system just get’s better, with the ability to also track staff training, cleaning and maintenance records. It will even highlight if you fall behind.”

At Ace Catering Equipment, we understand how important it is to maintain your equipment and believe that this device is a time saver and ultimately could save your bottom line from a costly refrigeration disaster.

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