Catering Equipment – Cost Price Vs Quality


When it comes to purchasing commercial catering equipment for your business, you want your investment to meet your needs and last the distance. Everyone is familiar with the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is certainly very true in the commercial catering business.

Each piece of equipment, from the blender to the Combi-Steam Oven is not just a necessity, but an integral part of your team; producing income to generate profit.

In particular, food preparation equipment needs to be one of quality, reliability and capable of producing consumables in a consistent and quality manner.  In fact, these considerations apply to all types of commercial kitchen equipment required to keep the business operating in an efficient manner.  As an example; when purchasing a dishwasher, you will need to consider the required turnover of clean dishes/glasses in relation to your food service output.  In the case of commercial refrigeration, volume capacity and reliability are key to food storage efficiency.  There is nothing more frustrating, or crippling to the profits of a business than having to throw out consumables due to the breakdown of your “bargain” refrigerator or freezer, or having to remove all fried products from your menu due to your “low-price” fryer failing you.

When you are in the market to purchase new catering equipment, remember that what appears to be the best deal is not always the best value for money long-term. The product may have the lowest price tag, however it’s important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Does this item have a valid Warranty?
  • Does this item meet the current and foreseeable Australian Standards?
  • How often does it require to be serviced? And, can I get this item serviced locally and without delay?
  • How expensive are spare parts, if anything needs to be replaced?
  • What is the product and supplier’s reputation for reliability and service?
  • Will this item’s capacity meet my commercial kitchen’s needs i.e. refrigerator/freezer capacity, dishwashing load & speed, cooking capability, etc.
  • Is it simple and easy to use, or does it require learning complicated time-consuming procedures?

We understand that if you can save money when purchasing commercial catering equipment, the greater your profit margin will appear. However, if you haven’t taken into consideration the above-mentioned factors and your equipment lets you down, have you really saved money in the long term? Remember, a dollar saved is not always a dollar earned!

Our team at ACE Catering Equipment are perfectly placed, to help you assess, advise and purchase the best quality catering equipment suited to your catering equipment needs and budget.

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