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Fast Chef Elite: The Revolutionary NEW way to fry


Fresh to the Australian market, we are excited to introduce the Fast Chef Elite, the extraordinary time-saving Automatic Fryer. No longer is there a need for kitchen staff to monitor and fuss over food products in traditional fryers. The Fast Chef Elite is a reliable, fast and profit generating piece of  catering equipment your kitchen needs.

The Fast Chef Elite, creates effortless and perfect frying in record time with its extraordinary pre-programmable technology. No smoke, no odours, no mixing of flavours and impressively no need for a ventilation canopy. You don’t even need to keep it in the kitchen, the Fast Chef Elite can be kept in function rooms, food trucks/stalls or behind the bar.

What makes the Fast Fry Elite so impressive you ask?

  • Profit-Making opportunities with it’s versatility
    Featuring the ability to fry & store multiple types of food at a time, it provides the opportunity to expand the menu without slowing down service. It’s fast paced frying teamed with a heated storage tray means your cooked goods will stay perfectly heated and drained of oil until they are ready to be plated.
  • Ventless, odourless, without mixing flavours
    “The Fast Chef Elite filter system achieves surprising results due to the fact that it completely eliminates smoke, greatly minimizes frying odours and makes it possible to fry different foods in the same oil without mixing flavours. All without the need for installed ventilation.” Perfect for swapping between savoury and sweet fried goods.
  • Automatic frying with programable settings
    With the press of a button chips, tempura vegetables and more are frying perfectly without the reliance on human intervention. Reducing chances of frying error and product wastage. The pre-set cooking times also reduce chances of timing errors for multiple product orders.
  • Traditional frying with record speed
    Unlike traditional style frying, the Fast Chef Elite is an enclosed fryer that minimises the loss of heat and keeps the oil at optimal cooking temperature. The added option to fry two products at once with a third on standby dramatically reduces the time between a customer ordering and service to their table.
  • Safety is paramount
    The frying components of the Fast Chef Elite are encased in Stainless Steel, reducing the chances of hot oil accidents in the workplace.
  • Low maintenance
    One of the best features of the Fast Chef Elite, is the cleaning process. It has been designed so that all detachable parts are simple to clean and some are even dishwasher friendly. The enclosed frying chamber is insulated from other parts, eliminating soiling of the other components.
  • Simple Oil Changes
    Changing oil is a strenuous job, not with the Fast Chef Elite. Simply attach the included hose & bucket and the oil will be cleaned and drained, ready for use again in minutes. The food debris will be separated by the machine and can be disposed of easily.

fast chef elite 3image - Fast Chef Elite: The Revolutionary NEW way to fry

There have been countless commercial kitchen equipment inventions that have come along and seemed “too good to be true”. As a distributor with over 39 years’ experience Ace Catering Equipment can guarantee that this product will be a god-send in your hospitality venture. The Fast Chef Elite’s time-saving, profit generating and versatility speaks for itself.

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