How has the Commercial Kitchen Changed in the Past 40 Years?

How has the Commercial Kitchen Changed in the Past 40 Years?


ACE Catering Equipment has been proudly serving hospitality businesses for nearly four decades. The modern commercial kitchen has certainly come a long way since our humble beginnings. As we prepare to celebrate 40 years in the commercial kitchen design and supply business, let’s take a look at what has changed.

Diverse Menu Options

Over the years we have seen an evolution of the range of cuisines and a growing choice of food options in restaurants to cater to different tastes. Nowadays there is also an increasing trend of healthier eating and multicultural diversity in menus, including fusion cuisines. This requires a wider range of commercial equipment to accommodate the diverse options, such as specialty ovens, woks, and steamers, as well as rice and noodle cookers.

Technological Advancements

If you are from an earlier generation, you’ll remember the technology from 40 years ago was vastly different from today. Who would’ve thought we’d be carrying smartphones with the capability of a computer these days! Similarly in the kitchen, things have become more hi-tech as well, with automated and smart combination functions to help with efficiency as well as space and energy savings.

Modern Layout and Designs

We also see a trend in smaller kitchen sizes with real estate and space now at a premium. Modern layouts and designs now need to accommodate and fit all appliances and equipment while maximising efficiency and remaining compliant. New equipment designs allow flexibility such as over or under-bench installation, slim fit, and multi-functional operation.

WHS Improvements

There is much more awareness and emphasis on health and safety standards nowadays, and revised regulations to maintain a healthy work environment that minimises hazards and risks. This is especially important in commercial kitchens where hazards are abundant. Commercial kitchen equipment also goes through more stringent testing to meet standards to ensure a higher level of safety.

ACE Catering and the Evolution of the Commercial Kitchen

Although the modern kitchen has changed and evolved greatly over the past four decades, ACE Catering has remained consistent in our commitment to service and supplying the hospitality industry with the highest quality catering equipment. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to remain at the forefront as we embrace the improvements and advancements in technology, adapting our services to suit the needs of the changing market.

We save business owners $1000s today and for years to come on all ranges of commercial, cooking, and food equipment. We help you identify the right equipment from the start, with a correctly planned and designed kitchen that ensures your success.

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