Commercial Kitchen Workflow - Improving your Commercial Kitchen Workflow And Productivity

Improving your Commercial Kitchen Workflow And Productivity


Improving your Commercial Kitchen Workflow And Productivity

The commercial kitchen is probably one of the most intense workspaces around – High heat, sharp blades, vast amounts of equipment, confined space, multiple team members, short turnaround times and uncompromised quality.

Your workflow layout had better be good!

Below are some tips to help you reduce risk and error in your commercial kitchen.

Minimise Movements Per Task

Unnecessary distances travelled to achieve one task wastes time and energy, and it adds to the risk of injury. Allocate zones, for instance, and place all needed kitchen equipment in that zone. This will improve efficiency.

There are ranges of equipment designed with zone placement in mind, thereby making it easy for you to achieve an excellent commercial kitchen layout.

With modular designed equipment, you can mix and match your benchtops, grills, cooktops, ovens and salamanders appropriately, placing related equipment together. This prevents staff from having to run from one end to another, and it also reduces turnaround times.

Clear Pathways

As you are placing equipment into the kitchen, be strict about keeping pathways clear. This is important for the safety of your chef, support staff and team of servers.

Tight pathways force staff to slow down, or even stop their tasks, to move out the way. Very inefficient.

Keep the pathways clear of trip risks as well. No uneven flooring, loose tiles, poorly laid tiles, surprise stairs or cables crisscrossing the floor must be allowed.

Make sure your modular equipment has a straight line so that all the front edges are aligned, with no jutting corners. It’s safer, faster and less stressful.

Good Preplanning Gives Good Layouts

We respect that you might have been in the catering business for many years now and we understand that you will have your preferred layout.

There are new products and new work methodologies that are continually introduced to us. We would like to share those new ideas with you and be your sounding board for layout ideas. The latest products help with zone division, greater efficiencies and space-saving whilst maintaining a food quality level that will please your customers.

The Next Steps

The Ace Catering Equipment team would like to help you leverage and maximise efficiencies from your commercial kitchen workflow, improving turnaround times, increasing food holding, improving quality and keeping your magic kitchen team happy.

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