Ace Catering Equipment Kitchen Complaint low - Is Your Kitchen Compliant?

Is Your Kitchen Compliant?


If your kitchen is subjected to a compliance inspection right now, how will it fare?

Commercial kitchens are required to comply with Health and Safety Standards and the Food Standards Code, including Food Safety Practices, Premises and Equipment, and other general or information requirements.

Failure to comply could result in a shut-down of your kitchen, causing massive inconveniences and not to mention the loss of revenue and disruptions to your business.

Often, in the catering industry, we tend to focus on food-related compliance issues such as food safety and handling. However, it is also essential to not overlook the catering equipment and premise design aspects of your kitchen.

For example, your premise is required to have:

  • a layout and enough space for staff to perform duties without contaminating food (eg. separation between preparation and dishwashing areas)
  • stainless steel benches (no timber) and correct splash-backs
  • correct mechanical ventilation for cooking areas
  • refrigeration that is spacious and powerful enough to keep food at 5 degrees or colder
  • non-slip flooring and flat wall surfaces
  • enough storage to protect food and packaging and storage is open and easily visible
  • regular monitoring of performance and servicing of all appliances and equipment
  • floors, walls and benches that can be easily cleaned
  • good lighting and ventilation
  • a system to safely store and dispose of waste

Also, don’t forget that you can check with your local council for advice to ensure that your kitchen is set up correctly.

With the massive range of commercial cooking equipment that is available these days, it can be a daunting task identifying the commercial catering equipment that is compliant for your kitchen.

Ace Catering Equipment is a recognised and trusted supplier of high quality, council compliant Commercial Catering Equipment. We offer a FREE initial consultation to assist you in identifying the correct equipment required for your business.

In addition, we can help you with our design services which include a turnkey option and custom equipment manufacturing, health department submissions, Council Requirements and Licences, and full comprehensive consultancy services to ensure that your kitchen stays operational and compliant.

Whether you need a new fit-out or just wanting an update on your equipment, we are committed to providing above and beyond customer service. Give us a call on 0414 887 298 / 07 3279 5204, or email: to see how we can help today!

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