ACE Catering Equipment Bar Fitout Project

The Key Ingredients for a Successful Bar Fitout


The key to any successful business venture is careful planning and knowing your target market. So, before you start designing and setting up your commercial bar, it’s imperative you have clearly identified and understand the following elements of your business:

  1. Who are your target clientele? What are their needs and expectations?
  2. What is your theme and style? (Making sure it’s relevant to your customer target demographic, providing a great atmosphere conducive to helping people relax and enjoy themselves, therefore attracting both new and repeat customer loyalty.)
  3. Your GOALS and your BUDGET!

Remember, critical to the success of your bar business is your staff. They bring in the revenue to your business every day. If your bar is well equipped and designed ergonomically so the bartender can easily access everything they need, then their speed and efficiency is directly related to the number of drinks they can pour per hour, thus determining the bottom line of your profit.

To select the right commercial catering equipment and fitout for your bar service, you need a clear understanding of how many people your bar will be cater for at a time and what you will be serving. However, rather than spending hours trying to anticipate the future, researching what you may or may not need, we recommend you seek the knowledge and experience of industry experts such as Ace Catering Equipment, who will save you valuable time and money; both now and well into the future.

With over 33 years of trading experience in the Commercial Catering Equipment industry we are perfectly placed to advise and assist you with all your bar equipment and fitout needs including:

Ace Catering Equipment can not only supply you with an individual item at the right price, but is experienced and equipped to offer you a turn key operation. Contact us today for a no obligation free consultation, phone Mobile: 0414 887 298, Phone: 07 3279 5204