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Opening a new restaurant can be a daunting process, and those who are already in the business will tell you that high on your priority list should be finding a dependable commercial catering equipment supplier who has industry knowledge and experience.

When it comes to outfitting a commercial kitchen, one of the most critical investments will be choosing the right commercial catering equipment at the outset, saving your business $1000s today and well into the future.

To run a successful restaurant, you will need the correct equipment to stock, prepare, store and serve the food and beverages you will be providing your customers, in a safe and efficient manner.

The equipment and fitout needs of your catering business will vary depending on your target clientele and seating capacity. If you haven’t had experience in the restaurant industry before, it can be quite a complicated a task, not to mention the lengthy time it takes to research your options.

There is a huge range of commercial cooking equipment in the market so it’s important you purchase equipment that is relevant to your needs, considering your menu, capacity, output, ease of operation, installation, after sales service, warranty and value for money.

In addition to functionality etc, consideration should also be given to aesthetics. Equipment such as refrigeration, display cabinets, bar service and servery areas viewable by customers, should depict style and functionality, giving your premises its own distinctive ambience.

As you can appreciate, utilising the services of a dependable commercial catering equipment supplier is key to ensuring your business is equipped correctly – saving you valuable time and money.

With over 35 years in the catering industry, our team at ACE Catering Equipment has a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to help you select the right equipment best suited to your business needs and budget. We represent over 2000 products covering all aspects of catering equipment, including commercial refrigeration, dishwashers, cooking, storage and food preparation equipment.

In addition to supplying top-of-the-line quality catering equipment from leading reputable manufacturers, we also have a trusted and reliable team of Electricians, Shop fitters, Plumbers and Gas Fitters and can therefore offer our clients a One Stop Shop, Turn Key Operation.

Whether you are setting up a new restaurant, looking to refurbish or replace equipment – contact us today to discuss your commercial catering needs. We are here to help plan, equip and design a commercial kitchen that will operate efficiently and profitably for your business success. Phone ACE Catering Equipment, (07) 32795204 or mobile: 0414 887 298.

NB: The correct selection of equipment = Reliability, Performance, Longevity and overall Savings, increasing your Net Profit