Norris Update New Warranty Offer Platinum


As restaurateurs and caterers, we all know that to wash dishes and glasses commercially, you need durable and reliable equipment that won’t let you down. Norris has been doing exactly that; manufacturing an exceptional range of commercial dishwashers since 1954 that have stood the test of time.

This year Norris, an Australian company based in Caves Beach, has worked hard to introduce innovative improvements to our range, maintaining the strength and reliability of the past combined with a new set of components that are world class for the future.

Their new Advanced Wash Control system allows the right amount of water and temperature to achieve an excellent wash every time. As a result, Norris is proud to say they offer the best warranty on the market.

For every Norris machine manufactured in Caves Beach featuring the Advanced Wash Control system (AWC), our warranty is as follows:

1. For outright purchase – 5 years’ warranty on both the control board and cabinet, plus 2 years’ warranty on parts and labour for the rest of the machine.

2. For outright purchase, including the use of our recommended chemicals – 5 years’ warranty on parts and labour for the total machine. Contact us today to find out more about the new chemical offer.

Whilst there is a price rise scheduled for the Norris range commencing 03 January 2017, market feedback tells us that the warranty for this category is becoming more and more important. Customers are more interested in the total cost of owning a dishwasher versus just the initial purchase price. If you have any outstanding quotes that will be affected by this rise, please contact us to talk it through – we are here to help.

A PIN will be needed on each Norris commercial dishwashing machine featuring the Advanced Wash Control. Therefore, you will need to call 0414 887 298, day or night, to register and get started.

Attached Is our new warranty:

  • The Madison range for glass washers (including reverse osmosis), underbench and upright machines
  • The Norris, made in Caves Beach range of glass washers, underbench and upright machines
  • The Madison Pot Washer IM65 through to IM1000 machines
  • The Rack Conveyor range that highlights the IR series developed for Australia which operates from 120 racks per hour through to 320 racks per hour. Note: There is flexibility in configuration to suit anyone’s needs and these machines are great!Be assured, there is something for everyone within the Norris range of commercial warewashing equipment and you will be able to find the right machine to suit your requirements. Contact Ace Commercial Catering today, to discuss your needs.

Ace Catering Equipment Warewashing Equipment Norris 5 Year Warranty for Outright Purchase - Norris Update New Warranty Offer Platinum

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