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Planning & Building Kitchens for Aged Care Facilities


Project managers responsible for planning and building kitchens in aged care facilities have many points they will need to consider. However, whether you are building a new kitchen or remodelling, Ace Catering Equipment can help you with all aspects of your project.

When it comes to planning and designing Aged Care Facilities, the project manager will need to be clear which stage/model they are working with and exactly how much space they have.  There is a trend to move away from the institutional layouts and provide a more cosy welcoming space for aged people to feel at home and comfortable with the transition from their home to an Aged Care Facility.  With this aim in mind, many aged care facilities will incorporate a commercial kitchen, but also include kitchenettes into the design and layout.

Kitchenettes can help to maintain living skills and foster greater independence while also allowing flexibility when friends and family members visit, enabling them to be involved in the everyday activities of preparing and eating meals. However, it is important to install safeguards in these areas to protect those who suffer from dementia.

Other design points to consider are the use of fixtures and fittings, as well as colour schemes that create a home-like appearance as well as the option of differing bench heights to allow people to stand or sit while preparing refreshments and beverages.

A commercial kitchen in an aged care facility needs to be built in accordance with certain design principles and Australian standards. It requires a focus on efficiency and ergonomics while catering to the special needs of those who live there, especially regarding the serving mechanism – depending on whether the food be delivered to each table as a hot meal or served out of a hot bar.

Ace Catering Equipment has a wide range of experience, and has completed many aged care facility projects across Australia, providing everything from consultancy and design, to equipment supply and fit out.  We provide a large range of all the catering kitchen equipment necessary for your needs from cool rooms to custom built stainless steel trolleys especially suited to aged care hospitality needs and everything in between.  We will discuss your particular situation and take into consideration the dietary controls you are implementing so that the correct size equipment is purchased according to the anticipated needs depending on the quantities you will be dealing with.

If you are in the initial stages of establishing your aged care facility, that is the perfect time to give Ace Catering Equipment a call and let’s discuss your commercial kitchen needs. Please keep in mind we can come to you, mindful that your time is a priority and service is our business.

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