Selecting the right Commercial Cooking Equipment for your Business Success!


Efficiency, Productivity and Quality are key to operating a successful and profitable commercial kitchen. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or doing a refit, choosing the right commercial cooking equipment is paramount to your business success. The commercial advantages of having the right equipment in your kitchen speak for themselves:

  • Workflow and productivity
  • Space utilisation
  • Energy savings
  •  Compliance to health codes and standards
  • Minimise hazards and work related injuries
  • Service to clients –prompt service and quality food

In a notoriously low-margin industry, efficient commercial catering equipment is the difference between running a profitable business, or operating in the red! Hence the need for multiple-use, highly productive industrial grade equipment.

Listed below are 5 essential commercial cooking equipment items recommended to improve kitchen efficiency and profitability.

Combi Ovens (combination ovens). These ovens operate as a convection oven, a steam oven, or a combination cooking oven.


  • Minimises shrinkage – as the internal oven humidity can be controlled, moisture is retained during cooking, therefore maintaining the yield of cooked food
  • Time and labour savings – you can cook food in batches using certain cooking modes, rather than individually.
  • Consistent cooking results – Combi Ovens allow you to adjust cooking conditions – such as temperature, duration, and humidity. High-end Combi ovens also have pre-programmed cooking settings
  • Automatic cleaning

Blast Chillers (careful consideration to commercial refrigeration storage is vital to keeping your food items fresh, longer lasting and ready for use anytime)


  • Saves time – blast chilled food has a longer shelf life, plus chefs can pre-plan food production, enabling a larger volume of dishes and processed food to be prepared in advance.
  • Savings on purchases and wastage – shock frozen foods have a longer shelf life and keep their original qualities unchanged.
  • Reduction in bacterial growth – Blast chillers can reduce the core temperature of food down to 3°C in less than 90 minutes. This helps reduce the quantity of bacteria in food after cooking down to a minimum, improving its quality and safety.
  • Minimized weight loss – blast chilling immediately after cooking stops evaporation, minimizing the loss of yield.
  • HACCP Standard Compliance – Blast chillers considerably improve food safety, ensuring full compliance with HACCP standards.

Vertical Chillers


  • Maintains high ambient temperatures – providing consistent controlled temperature storage space within a small footprint.
  • Vertical chillers have ducted ventilation throughout, allowing a consistent, even air flow throughout the entire cabinet.

Food Processors


  • Saves time – makes food production faster
  • Reduced Risk of Injury – due to manual cutting, chopping, and food preparation.
  • Production Consistency– you can scale production and maintain consistency regardless of the volume of food you are processing.

Slow Cooking Sous-Vide (method of cooking food in a vacuum sealed plastic pouch at low temperature)


  • Convenience – cooks gently and foods cannot overcook.
  • Simplicity – set the temperature, season and seal the food in the vacuum-pouch, place into the sous-vide device, and walk away. (note; cooking times vary depending on the type of food)
  • Retention of natural flavours and nutrition – as the food cooks in its own natural juices.
  • Consistent Results – Unlike conventional ovens or grills, the cooking temperature is maintained at a precise temperature in 0.5°C increments, allowing you to achieve perfection in all foods cooked by this method.

Remember commercial kitchen equipment isn’t about selecting equipment just for kitchen aesthetics, it goes far beyond that. It’s about sourcing reliable, quality cooking equipment from a professional company, that will add value to your employees, customers and restaurant. Get in touch with our team at ACE Catering Equipment to discuss your needs today!