Waiter There's A Fly

Simple Steps to Eliminate Bar Flies (We mean the ones with wings!)


Do you have a problem with pesky bar flies? We have a great solution for you with the introduction of “The Fly Ladies” commercial fly fighting products. Dramatically reduce the presence of flying pests with this HACCP Approved product.

Many bars and restaurant locations have had success with eliminating flying pest with the help of The Fly Ladies products. Some of these include ALH venues, Zarraffa’s Coffee and many independently owned venues.

About The Fly Fighter range:

  • 100% Natural Products,
  • No odours or harmful chemicals,
  • Affordable solution,
  • Discreet and unobtrusive,
  • Easy to operate and install,
  • Options for inside and outside areas,
  • Effective on all types of flying pests.

Contact us today and we can arrange a venue audit and recommend the best product(s) from the Fly Lady range to suit your venues needs. It’s a simple, affordable and stress-free solution to eradicating flying pests from your venue. We have products suited for inside or outside venue’s, kitchens and bars.

To further help eliminate your flying insect issues we have created these guidelines that combined with The Fly Ladies units, you will eliminate all breeding areas for the pests.

Back of House/Kitchen/production areas/Bars:

  • Removing all pools of water remaining on the floor after cleaning. A dry environment is a must!
  • Fix any leaking/dripping taps or equipment.
  • Routine cleaning of all storage areas, including under pallets.
  • Routine cleaning of drains and sumps using a bio cleansing agent.
  • Unscrewing and cleaning of metal drain tops in floors, vinegar flies tend to breed in these areas.
  • Tape over/around overflow pipes from beer taps where they meet the drain in the floor. Seal up completely with a wide packing tape.
  • Use bins with a lid and food pedal opening,
  • Clean up mops and cleaning cloths rinsed out and dried after use and all wet waste eliminated.
  • Seal dirty linen bags at end of service and remove from kitchen from possible.
  • Immediately remove any decaying food products,
  • Avoid using fruit as part of a display (especially in summer)
  • Keep lids on all foods when not in use.
  • Cover drink garnishes in airtight containers.
  • Use tab brushes in beer taps overnight.
  • Keep post-mix taps in appropriate cleaning solution overnight.
  • Wipe over all wine bottles,
  • Empty beer traps and overflow buckets regularly during working hours.
  • Cover nip pourers on bottles with alfoil or cling wrap nightly.

Front Of House:

  • Efficient cleaning and clearing of tables,
  • Cover food displays with suitable lids,
  • Regularly sanitize items on tables (i.e Salt shakers, sauce bottles)

Outdoor Areas;
In conjunction with the Fly Ladies products we recommend to follow these steps to eliminate pests from the outside area’s of your premise.

  • Re-locate all bins and waste area’s away from entryways to the kitchen and/or seating areas.
  • If your bins must be located near doorways, consider in commercial strip doors, which will eliminate doors being left open.
  • Add envirosafe fly traps to outside bin areas.
  • Ensure all waste is tightly fastened.
  • Consistently wash out bins and areas.
  • Empty finished beverage and food containers before binning.
  • Where possible, locate external lighting facing the building (to attract them to other buildings).
  • Hose down outdoor areas nightly and regularly pressure wash to remove stubborn residue.
  • Keep plants ten meters away from entrances and dining areas.
  • Reduce from gardens heavily layered moist compost of mulch with high organic content.
  • Consider pot plants or planter boxes with insect repelling plants (i.e citronella geraniums).

Contact us today about introducing The Fly Ladies products into your venue. Ace Catering Equipment with over 35 years’ experience, we can tailor make a solution to all your commercial food and beverage venue needs.

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