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The Balancing Act – Quality Vs Price


Operating a successful food catering business will always require a balancing act between how best to maximise profits and, where possible, how to cut costs. It’s a common dilemma, especially when it comes to purchasing commercial kitchen equipment.

Are you really just paying for the brand name or can a copycat item perform just as well and save you cash? Before leaping into the unknown, it’s important to know the answer to the following questions:

  • Does the item meet Australian Standards? When someone takes a well-known brand, pulls it apart and rebuilds the item with cheaper parts and labour, the copy does not actually have the engineering expertise, or the research and development behind it.  And, quite possibly it doesn’t meet our Australian Standards – which are there to ensure that products meet a minimum set of requirements for safety and reliability.
  • Does the item have a valid warranty? You can easily eat up any savings made on a replicated commercial catering appliance if it fails to perform as expected; and you then discover you need to replace the item as the warranty only covers very specific parts!
  • If the item requires spare parts, are these easily obtainable and will this fix the problem?  Or, will you end up in a vicious cycle of replacing inferior parts with inferior parts?
  • Does the product have a reputation for reliability, or are you taking a huge risk buying a piece of equipment new to the market? You could find yourself paying substantially more for repairs, not to mention the loss of profits due to downtime.
  • Does the item have the capacity to meet the particular needs of your commercial kitchen e.g. refrigerator/freezer capacity, cooking capability, dishwashing load and speed?

Investing in quality commercial kitchen equipment will save you money for the long term and help you avoid a myriad of stress-inducing problems, which can result from purchasing substandard products.

ACE Catering Equipment supplies over 2000 products from the most reputable brands, representing quality and great value. We stand behind every item we sell and can help fine-tune the balance between what you need to run a highly functional kitchen with the budget you have to work with.  If you want to save time and get the best service, best prices and advice that you can actually use, Contact us today – Phone: (07) 3279 5204 or Mobile: 0414 887 298 or click here to complete the online inquiry form.