Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment


In the excitement of starting a new food catering business, or renovating your commercial kitchen, it can be tempting to go all out and in haste purchase items which may not be exactly right for your specific business needs.

ACE Catering Equipment has over 38 years of experience servicing the food catering industry and has seen many instances along the way where business owners have purchased equipment that is either not fit for purpose or not necessary for their particular food services.

So, before you go looking for commercial catering equipment for sale, save yourself time and money by following these helpful tips:

  • Business plan – clearly define your business strategy, goals and budget scope. To avoid overspending find a balance between what you can afford and what you need in order to operate efficiently and profitably.
  • Research is vital before purchasing anything. You are making a substantial investment and can’t afford to buy inferior unreliable equipment just to save a few $$$s. Quality appliances will work more efficiently, last longer and produce better results.
  • Food Service – your menu will impact your choices. What type of specialty commercial catering equipment do you actually require to achieve your objectives? Is there an appliance that can adequately perform more than one function that would save you buying three items individually? Are the appliances you are considering easy to use and simple to maintain?
  • Kitchen layout – establish the most effective and efficient layout, ensuring free flow of traffic and also consider where the electricity, water and gas connection points are located. It is absolutely vital to measure your space and make certain that every piece of equipment is going to fit before you order anything.
  • Workplace Health & Safety – familiarise yourself with these regulations to ensure that your kitchen is compliant. Commercial kitchens are required by law to use commercial grade catering equipment to ensure they are able to handle the heavy workload, while keeping employees and patrons safe.
  • Warranties – is there an extended warranty offered or just the standard warranty? What maintenance needs to be regularly performed and what can void the warranty? Exactly what is covered by the warranty?
  • Energy Rating – purchasing appliances with higher star ratings will lower your utility bills.
    Seek expert advice and purchase your commercial catering equipment from a reputable supplier who offers quality service, quality products and excellent customer service.

Ace Catering Equipment can help you choose the right products for your business and save you time and money while providing great service! Click here to view our full range of services and commercial catering products. Contact us today, (07) 3279 5204 or mobile 0414 887 298, to get your commercial catering equipment decision right from the start!