Tips in Choosing the Best Commercial Food Equipment


Running a food business is no less difficult than venturing in any other type of business. A food-related business is also arguably one of the most delicate businesses to handle, because food safety and sanitation are your number-one priorities. And as many food entrepreneurs would agree, the kind of best commercial food equipment that you’re going to use plays a vital role in meeting your customers’ standards.

It’s highly advised to develop a plan first before buying. Look for experts to guide you, and find time to research. A well-thought-out list could save you time and money that you can invest in other aspects of your business. Here are a few tips to set you on the right track:

• Go stainless. – Whether it’s the surface you place your food on or the utensils you use, going for stainless equipment would allow easier cleaning, and this, in turn, ensures that the food served is always bacteria-free. Also take into consideration the fact that some equipment, even stainless ones, have spots which are often missed during cleaning, so it’s wiser to really choose the ones which you can be sure you can clean in full.

• Don’t shy away from the more techie stuff. – Nowadays many commercial food equipment offer more advanced features in cooking and storing food. And you should not immediately regard them as costly or having too many unnecessary features. Most of the time, going for obsolete equipment only costs more in the long run, because they tend to require maintenance more often.

Modern grills and pans even have features (i.e. infrared) which allow faster cooking, thus conserving time and increasing the rate of food output. Most of them are great power-savers as well.

• Never forget that you are buying them for a purpose. – Some starting food entrepreneurs opt to go for food equipment packages, even though some equipment included in them are rarely used at all. This is why it’s best to determine first the exact purpose of each equipment you’re going to buy. List down all the prospects and rank them according to how important they are for your business.

• Don’t hesitate to have one custom built. – Most owners choose standard commercial food equipment thinking it’s safer, cheaper and would fulfill all the functions of their business. They don’t realize that custom equipment is actually sometimes the better option, since these are the types of equipment built based on the business’s integral requirements. Requirements such as space-saving, sanitation and efficiency that would keep the business in optimal shape.

Custom equipment is not necessarily the best option though, as most standard food equipment are designed according to most businesses’ needs. Again, it comes down to correct planning from the start.

• It should always follow food safety standards. – No matter how passionate a cook or restaurateur you are, one fault in handling food safety could cost you your entire business. Food preparation, storage and refrigeration and the overall cleanliness of your facility are also important factors to keep in mind. Make sure that the equipment you buy are built and designed according to these standards.

As you can see, having the right equipment for your food business would really make it considerably easier for you to run it. After all, majority of the business’s functions rely on them. Their maintenance requires nothing less than your full time. Just keep them in tip-top shape, and you will never have to worry about your business providing less quality than what is expected of it.