Tips on how to buy best Commercial cooking equipment


Are you in the process of starting up a food business? You may be contemplating on the best commercial cooking equipment for your business and which will drive customers to your investment. Apart from securing right location for your business, committed and hardworking employee, meeting government requirement you will be required to purchase high performing and quality kitchen equipment. This article will give you the secrets of stocking your business with the best catering items so that your customers will keep on thriving to the restaurant you are about to set up.

Have you ever ordered for food in hotel only to be told to wait for some minutes as they prepared the food you have ordered? May be you were told to order for another kind of food because your current order is not available? This in most cases is caused by owners of such hotels poorly equipping their hotel kitchen either due to ignorance, lack of money but in most instances poor planning on what should be stocked.

You should have high quality catering items and they need to be 24/7 working to ensure you don’t lose customers. This can be done first by carrying out survey of what you want to be stocked and the availability of spare parts or alternatives in case of breakdown. Budget your money well to make sure everything is available in time and fully working so as not to strain your chefs and other workers as they decide what to do when an emergency occurs.

Tips on how to equip your kitchen

Consider the following aspects before commencing food supply business and the customers’ traffic will be realized to your business.

Equipment durability

The best thing to do for your restaurant is to set up durable cooking equipment to make sure food is readily available to your customers every minute. This gives customers and workers confidence of your ability and willingness to satisfy their needs. You will give opportunity to host people who are planning party for a big family or friends’ events.

Spacious area

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and found everything is a mess? There is no space to walk through to pick any item your want. Such situation brings danger to the chefs and other workers and even in case an equipment breakdown then it becomes tedious to replace it because others have to be displaced to get it out.


Consider equipment which will not cause accidents to your workers and that does not require frequent maintenance. You will incur less as pertaining maintenance cost and replacement.

Be cost conscious

Some appliances are cost efficient in terms of buying and the electricity consumption. It would be better to buy an appliance at very high price but it has ability to save you on electricity bill than purchasing same item at low cost but end up regretting on power consumption rate.

Services delivery

Do not purchase an appliance which will take too long to give an end product. Select something which will make the working experience of your chefs enjoyable as they deliver food to your customers. The ability of an appliance to serve multiple services is recommendable because this will save you cost and space.