ACE Catering Equipment - tips for choosing the right commercial glass washer

Tips for Selecting Your Commercial Glass Washing Equipment


Whether you own a restaurant, café or bar, it’s vital that your glassware is sparkling clean and eye-catching, demonstrating your commitment to excellence and efficiency.

Accomplishing this goal is easy when you have the right commercial glasswasher for your business. However, it can be a daunting task choosing the best equipment for your specific needs. We can help! Our team of professionals at ACE Catering Equipment is perfectly placed to guide you in the right direction and advise on various aspects that need to be considered when choosing your catering equipment.

A commercial glasswasher is designed to quickly and efficiently wash and rinse large loads of glassware. Here’s some important points to consider when deciding which model is going to be the right one for your business.

Capacity – First and foremost you need a machine that can match your establishment’s demand during peak periods, i.e. how many glasses are used and need washed per hour. Predominately your seating capacity and intended turnover of seats will determine the number of glasses you will use in each sitting.

Size – This depends on the amount of space available within the serving or bar area. Ideally you will want to locate your commercial glasswasher as close to your serving area as possible to minimise the time between each wash cycle and keeping up with demand.

Efficiency – Most new commercial glasswashers wash and rinse a rack full of glasses in less than two minutes. This means your fast-paced bar will always have clean glasses ready for serving. It is best practice to have at least two glasswasher racks per machine for an efficient wash cycle – while one rack is in the machine, the others are readied for the next cycle.

Innovation – Significantly reducing staff time and glassware breakage, Winterhalter has a range of glass washers that feature award winning Reverse Osmosis. This design offers ultimate cleaning performance, removing up to 98% of particles in your water supply. Resulting in polish free glassware that is crystal clear and ready for immediate use.

Today new commercial glasswashers are far more energy efficient and use less consumables, making them much better value long term than buying a pre-owned model. Click here to view our range of commercial Dish Washing & Glass Washing Equipment.

ACE’s commercial ware washing equipment is both tough and reliable, manufactured to operate under the most demanding conditions, ensuring your catering business runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

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