Ace Catering Equipment Restaurant Kitchen Layout - Top Tips For Planning The Layout Of Your Restaurant Kitchen

Top Tips For Planning The Layout Of Your Restaurant Kitchen


Preparing the design for your commercial kitchen is important in supporting your efforts to achieve practicality and good organisation at the busiest times in your restaurant. While retaining its effort to remain functional, it needs to also be designed to encourage and stimulate efficiency and be effective in delivering every plate, without any obstructions structurally. This task of planning the layout, if done well, can contribute to the success of your restaurant in the future.

Prioritise Your Spend

Before going out and purchasing any commercial equipment on the market, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Not only are these items supportive tools to your cooking regime, they need to be suited to the menu you plan to provide. Purchasing the correct equipment for your commercial kitchen will help you in the long run, with an efficiently run kitchen that has the quality hardware to meet the demand. Remember, this is the major area that produces your profit. If it fails your operations can fail.

Be Space Smart

Consult with experts in the commercial kitchen equipment industry who plan workflow and space-saving ideas for efficient kitchens. Open areas can be advantageous in building a higher-performing cooking team who do not feel cramped or uncomfortable. Plan easy organisation which includes accessible shelving and storage without the hassle of battling to find fresh produce or cookware when in the kitchen.

Keep In Mind Ventilation

As airflow is pivotal in food safety standards amongst restaurants, make sure to incorporate this into your space. While you may have structural vents installed to ensure consistent airflow in and out of the kitchen, think about where your equipment is placed. Most cooking equipment generates heat when in use so it is important not to surround them closely with other equipment – as this will increase the temperatures in your kitchen.

Make Sure It’s Hygienic

Even though hygiene policies seem more of an exercise you need to work on after planning your kitchen, it actually is essential that you do it in this initial stage. Here you can develop a cleaning routine to implement once your shifts start along with planning dates to undertake deep cleans within your restaurant kitchen, which won’t affect your customers nor staff.

Planning the layout of your restaurant kitchen may take some time, but can help you run a smooth operation from day one. High-performing catering equipment and space-efficiency in a sanitary kitchen are only some of the important aspects you need to focus as they have the biggest impact.

Ace Catering Equipment has years of experience when it comes to systematically planning a commercial kitchen. Our specialty is ensuring you have a high-quality kitchen that runs efficiently from the start of every shift, right through to the end – keeping your team and patrons happy. If you are at the point of planning your commercial kitchen, get in touch today and together, let’s go through our detailed process to design a commercial kitchen that is tailored to your specific needs. I can be contacted by email ( or on mobile 0414 887 298.