Understanding the different types of commercial food equipment


Food processing is the technology where raw food is converted to processed food. This term could also be used for food that is transformed to other variety; this is done through the aid of commercial food equipment. There are many kinds of equipment currently available, they include meat grinders, slicers, industrial mixer grinders, cutters, peelers and cooking apparatus. They are mostly used for industrial or commercial use; they immensely help with the beverage and food industry. Here are the different types of commercial food equipment.

Refrigeration equipment

Blast chillers and display freezers are the common types of commercial food equipment used as commercial food equipment. They are different types of blast chillers made for commercial use. Their main purpose is to lower temperature of food to a great extent so as to freeze the food in not time.

Display refrigerators or display freezers are the other common type of commercial food equipment. It generally brings convenience to grocery stores; they are used to store food items and beverages. These display freezers mostly have see-through doors so as customers can have a view of the items present. Sometimes, certain types of refrigeration equipment have no doors.


Blenders are the common food equipment for mixing foods; they are made for different purposes such that different homes and business can choose the most convenient machine. Some of the blenders you can find include the ribbon blenders; these are used for ingredients that do not need mixing for long periods.

Meat grinders

Grinding meat is a difficult and dread process involved in preparing meat. In fact, it is usually professional cooks that prefer grinding their own meat as it is the safe way to be certain of the purity of the ingredients. Apart from being difficult, grinding meat is also quite time consuming unless it is done through industrial meat grinders. Meat grinders as commercial food equipment are particularly useful as they handle a lot of meat in less time.


In commercial food equipment and establishments, it is natural to find basic mixtures and batters made virtually to deal with large scale. This is to avoid having it done repeatedly. This is one of the commercial food equipment that is efficient; this is by catering for more people. Establishments that used this product achieve efficiency in a great way.


When different commercial establishments serve many people in a single day, it will be certainly not viable to have them manually slice and cut vegetables. Instead, they can find help from slicers; these are commercial food equipment known as commercial slicers. This increases efficiency of any food processing equipment.

One of the most important and biggest industries in our world is the beverage and food industry. This is probably because it handles all drinks and food we find in our markets and that which we get in restaurants. This is why it is indispensable to have to have a wide array of technology, this is achieved through commercial food equipment. They ensure that the prepared is in good condition and is prepared fast.