What Kind Of Commercial Catering Equipment Might A Startup Catering Business Need?


The amount and type of commercial catering equipment that a start-up catering business will need can vary with the type of catering that will be done. Fortunately, it is possible to rent most of the equipment. As long as some food is going be prepared in advance in a commercial kitchen, there are particular multipurpose products that will have to be rented, especially when a full-service catering option is also being provided.

Bus Pans

When it comes to collecting dirty dishes, these heavy plastic receptacles are widely used in the food business. They are cheap, incredibly versatile, and strong. Anyone running a startup catering business can use them to carry things, mix and store food, and organize materials. Bus pans can be labeled. Clean, new ones can be used to mix food, while older bus pans can be used to carry supplies.

Hotel Pans

Hotel pans are indispensable commercial catering equipment, especially disposable aluminum ones with lids. Perforated hotel pans can be rented for foods that have to be kept cool. Those foods can just be placed in a larger hotel pan containing ice. These pans also stack well.

Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are the finest way in which food can be kept hot during meal service. Chafing dishes available to be rented come in a variety of finishes and styles. Some are designed for cafeterias, while others are meant for fancier dining rooms.

Plastic Containers

Any start up catering business should also rent some clear and covered plastic containers in which items that might be needed can be held. For instance, dry grocery items like baking powder, flour, rice, and spices can be stored in one container, while utensils like measuring cups, mixing spoons, spatulas, and spoons can be stored in another. Wet ingredients like flavor extracts, olive oil, etc. can also be stored in one.

Dishes, Glassware, & Silverware

Renting commercial catering equipment like dishes, flatware, and glassware makes quite the sense. Not only will it cost less than actually buying a basic set, the startup business can avoid charging clients a rental fee for it, giving the business a competitive edge. Bowls, bread/dessert and butter plates, and dinner plates should be rented. It should be made sure that the china is machine-washable that does not chip or scratch easily. Water glasses as well as wine glasses that have a traditional stem shape should also be rented.

Along with the above, equipment such as commercial mixers, ovens, personal knives, and other specialty equipment is also required when preparing food in a commercial kitchen. For a commercial catering business that has just started out, the lack of proper equipment can pose a major challenge that is quite inherent in this specific industry.

Nothing is static in catering. The good thing is that any commercial catering equipment that any catering business might need can be rented. For anyone who has just stepped into the food service industry, catering supplies and niche products that are not easy to find can be easily acquired by finding the right source from where such equipment can be contained rented.