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Why Choose ACE Catering Equipment


With the massive range of commercial catering equipment that has become available these days, it can be an overwhelming task in identifying the required kitchen equipment that is suited to your business.

Choosing the right Catering Equipment supplier can save you thousands of dollars, not just today but also for the long term. Here is why you should choose ACE Catering when it comes to setting up your commercial kitchen:

The Problems Restaurants Face

In addition to the dizzying array of commercial kitchen equipment available, knowing what you truly require from the get-go will save you a lot of money.

One of the most common problems we find that restaurants face in nearly 40 years of experience in this industry, is that clients don’t require all the equipment they think they need. ACE Catering has saved many customers from wasting money on the wrong equipment.

The Solutions ACE Provides

You could spend hours ‘shopping’ around, spending valuable time researching what you might need, or we can provide you with expert advice so that you can focus on running your business.

Not only do we offer the best value and prices, but we also offer you a “One Stop Shop” with our team of trusted and reliable Electricians, Shopfitters, Plumbers, and Gas Fitters. We take the stress out of your initial commercial kitchen setup, our services include:

  • Extensive range of equipment supply and installation, of all major manufacturers
  • Consultancy on site selection, requirements, and licenses, staffing, and training
  • Comprehensive design service from concept development, schematics, layouts to submissions
  • Custom manufacture of stainless-steel benching, shelving, cabinets, and displays
  • Financing options and application

The Results You Get When You Use ACE

The simple fact is that a correctly planned and well-designed kitchen, with the right catering equipment, will work smoothly and efficiently. The result is that your restaurant will save thousands on operations, and you end up with more profit to grow your commercial catering business.

Trusted Supplier in Gold Coast & Brisbane

ACE Catering Equipment has been dedicated to serving the local community in Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas, since its establishment in 1982. We are a trusted and recognised supplier of high-quality Commercial Catering Equipment to the Australian hospitality industry, accommodation, and aged-care providers.

Our customer-focused team is led by Mr. Paul Garnett, with the commitment to maintaining a high standard of personal service. We strive to be always at the forefront of product and service excellence by continually tracking changes in technology and embracing innovation.

Get in touch with ACE to arrange your FREE initial consultancy service to get you on track to a successful and profitable commercial catering business today.