Your Guide To Commercial Kitchen Rental

Your Guide To Commercial Kitchen Rental


Renting a commercial kitchen is ideal for pop-up restaurant owners, bakers, independent chefs and food bloggers. Essentially, any small businesses stand to benefit from the convenience of a licenced kitchen that comes conveniently stocked with commercial food and kitchen equipment and catering equipment, with a fully functional commercial kitchen design and layout.

When it comes to commercial food preparation, there are several regulatory standards and requirements to follow. A commercial kitchen has been inspected, authorised and licenced for safety and cleanliness. That’s the advantage of renting a commercial kitchen. Avoid all of the legislation while upscaling your food production with ease.

In this article, Ace Catering Equipment shares some inside industry experience on what to expect when renting a commercial kitchen.

What Kind Of Commercial Kitchen Is Best For Me?

Before you search for a commercial kitchen, consider your space, budget and profitability. With that determined, you’ll be able to look at your available options and choose the kitchen style that best suits your needs. Commercial kitchens are already outfitted for food preparation and storage, available in the following categories.

Commercial Kitchen/Commissary

A commissary is already equipped with commercial catering equipment and is ideal for bakers, food truck vendors and other independent chefs to scale up production. Before signing your contract, familiarise yourself with your local municipal health guidelines for food service enterprises.

“Shared Space” Kitchen

These commercial kitchens are intended for use by a group of people. You often reserve a time slot in advance, meaning the kitchen is continuously in use by various foodservice enterprises. Established restaurants sometimes rent out kitchen space and commercial food equipment outside operational hours. Culinary schools, churches and hotels often lease out commercial kitchen space as well.

Private Kitchens

This is the most expensive option, but it grants the chef the greatest deal of freedom in terms of tailored commercial kitchen design and layout, storage space and operating times. With this option, chefs can set up their commercial kitchen and food equipment in the way that best suits their production needs.

What Will Be Included In My Commercial Kitchen Design & Layout?

Your space will likely be kitted out with commercial kitchen equipment like grills, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. The space will be equipped with enough space for preparation, storage and cleaning. All commercial kitchens are set up differently, so it’s always better to make enquiries first. Ensure you get the complete list of what is included in terms of equipment, space, storage and refrigeration and, of course, what may be off-limits for use.

What Commercial Kitchen Equipment Will Be Provided?

This depends entirely on the landlord or kitchen owner. Cutlery, crockery and food preparation equipment may be provided in some circumstances. In other circumstances, you may be required to bring your equipment.

What Will I Need To Provide?

Commercial kitchens don’t allow the use of consumer-grade equipment. In some cases, you will need to rent specialised commercial catering equipment. A chef always knows to bring their own knife set to their space no matter what. You’ll also need to bring any specialised utensils that make your food business unique.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal commercial kitchen space and clearly understand what is provided in terms of space, storage and equipment, you can start planning your commercial kitchen design and layout. You can look at commercial kitchen equipment for sale to stock your space or find rental commercial equipment that is already licenced and approved for use in a commercial setting. Or you can choose the option for custom equipment manufacture in terms of stainless steel benching, shelving, exhaust canopies, refrigeration and heated cabinets or display and self-service cabinets.

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial kitchen industry, Ace Catering Equipment is here to handle all your kitchen equipment in Brisbane and its surrounds. Whether you need commercial kitchen and food equipment, catering equipment or assistance with your commercial kitchen design and layout, we’ve got you covered.

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