Essential Kitchen Equipment - Your Guide to Essential Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Your Guide to Essential Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant


One of the most significant investments when it comes to operating a restaurant is the setting up of a professional kitchen. It involves thoughtful and strategic planning with regards to the layout, as well as the commercial catering equipment required.

Now, a commercial kitchen should never use domestic equipment. These appliances will not be able to keep up and perform the industrial demands a restaurant. Products used in your commercial kitchen, yet not designed for commercial use will void the manufacturers’ warranty.

So, what are the essential kitchen equipment that you need to consider when planning for your restaurant?

Let’s have a look at the following categories:

Cooking Equipment

Cooking would be the first thing that comes to mind if you’re operating a restaurant. Your cooking equipment will depend mainly on your menu and the cuisine you plan to serve. This may range from a simple range and oven to grills and deep-fryers, and to more specific equipment such as steamers, stone pizza ovens, or even industrial rice cookers. Don’t forget the utensils and pans, pots or woks also!

Refrigeration Systems

Once you have decided on your menu and cooking equipment, then it’s time to consider your Refrigeration needs. You will need to take into account the delivery frequency of frozen and fresh produce for your restaurant, and calculate the capacities and storage temperatures to meet your requirements. Also consider the positioning of the equipment for ventilation, to minimise heat load and energy consumption.

Food Preparation Equipment

As important as the correct storage temperatures are, so is the processing and handling of foods in the preparation stage. Efficiency and ease of cleaning are key factors when selecting preparation equipment. What are the functions the equipment must perform? This may be cutting, julienne, grating, or mincing requiring a multifunctional machine. Another consideration is the availability of disposable gloves, hygiene facilities and sanitisation, especially in light of the recent global pandemic.

Dish & Glass Washing Equipment

Your restaurant seating capacity and projected turnover of tables will determine the crockery and utensils that will cycle through in a typical shift. Remember to add the cooking utensils and equipment such as pans and large pots that you have selected above, which will help you determine the specification of Dishwashers that you require. The same is applicable for glassware; some restaurants may have a separate Dishwasher in the bar area specifically for glasses as well.

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